A group of former international civil servants of the United Nations system organizations and its subsidiary organs present in Ethiopia as well as others, including non-Ethiopians, who were desirous to maintain their contact with the country, agreed to form an association to sustain their interests in international community and safeguard the welfare of the United Nations retirees. The Association of Former United Nations International Civil Servants – AFICS/AA was thus established in March 1999 in accordance with the provisions of Article 404 of the civil code of Ethiopia. The Association was subsequently registered with the Charities and Societies Agency of the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. AFICS has joined the Federation of Associations of Former International Civil Servants – FAFICS in July 1999 and has since been actively participating in the activities of the Federation and in its annual Council sessions.

Statutory Aims of the Association

Assistance to Members

  • Encourages solidarity between former international civil servants;
  • Fosters social and personal relationships among members;
  • Keeps members informed of actions and developments affecting their interests;
  • Hhelps them to resolve personal problems which they or their survivors may encounter;
  • Informs and advises its members , with emphasis on issues relating to pensions and health protection;
  • Represents and defend the interests of its members within the United Nations system administration or in front of the qualified national bodies.

Service to the United Nations

  • Provides practical advocacy to support and promote the purposes and principles of the United Nations and the work of its organizations.



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Kinfe Hailemariam