Standing Committees

Focal Points
Pension Matters
- Follows up the changes in pension rules and regulations and cost of living adjustment
- Monitors benefits and cost
- Provides advice on pension matters

Tedla Teshome
Mohammed Said
Health Matters
- Seeks to insure benefits are commensurate with premiums Paid.
- Keeps members informed on health matter
- Assists in problem resolution
Tiruneh Sinshaw

Membership and Information

- Mobilizes those eligible to become members;
- Maintains up –to date
- Register of membership;
- Disseminates information of interest to the members;
- Promotes the images of the Association.
Workneh Degefu
Social Service
- Organizes luncheons (often with guest speakers), other
gatherings and social events
Samuel Olana
Resource Mobilization
- Reviews budget proposals
- Initiates fundraising activities
Aster Zeoude
AFICS Newsletter
- Mobilizes Articles and other material
- Coordinates publication and distributions
Alemayehu Seifu




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